I am a poet, writer and teacher from Northeast Ohio. I have a couple pieces of paper that say I know what I’m talking about because of years spent at study: a Bachelor’s in English and an M.F.A. in creative writing with a focus in poetry. I also have a TEFL certificate, which is nice.

Over the years, I’ve lead poetry writing outreach classes with all ages, from elementary to adult groups. I’ve taught poetry and creative writing workshops and ESL classes at my alma mater universities and a couple composition classes at a local college. I also write with and listen to vets at a veteran-focused writing circle.

Currently, I’m on contract as an adjunct, I work at my local library and I tend to children at an elementary after-school program (I also substitute for them from time to time).

I love to write poems that look like they sound, or sound like the look, or look like what they mean. Poems that live, breathe and act in the world.

I’m a music fan with a broad range of interests there. I love rock and hip hop and, lately, I’ve been looking for more and more modern composers (gotta love a good violin).

I have two cats who I like to think are still basically kittens (both under 2 years old). I like to get outside, but don’t as often as I should because I’ve been learning about blogs and working like crazy to figure out how to work for myself or, at least, find a back door into professorship.

That’s me, in a nutshell. If you want to know more, leave a comment, send a message through the contact page or get to me @dormanpoet.


At present and for the foreseeable future, most of the quotes I share are sourced in the “Harper Book of American Quotations” from 1988. Just an fyi for any academics who wonder in and feel lost.