Poetry Letters by Dan Dorman

Thanks to Burning House and Florence Lenaers for this and the amazing title art!


Speech always moves.

When a person speaks they drive lung fulls of air through disruptive muscles that vibrate the flowing air before it moves in an open space. Language on a page, however, is generally static.

Meaning, most people would have us read against the text rather than into it.

Because letters in English are only phonetic signifiers, which in no consistent way relate to their sounds, neither speech (an object in the all-being type of way) or the object to which they refer, written language actually doesn’t say a thing. Usually…

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This slideshow is the result of two weeks of continuous writing on layered paper. It was an exercise in writing, forgetting, continuing, and exploring with no inhibitions. Only the final layer is accessible today, leaving the previous six layers to photographs compiled after completing each board.

Light Wave

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