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I am a poet, writer and teacher from Northeast Ohio. I have a B.S. in English and an M.F.A. in creative writing with a focus in poetry. I also have a TEFL certificate, which is nice.

Over the years, I’ve lead poetry writing outreach classes with elementary to adult groups. I’ve taught poetry and creative writing workshops along with ESL classes at my alma mater universities. I also listen to and write with vets at a veteran-focused writing circle.

You can find a handful of pieces on the Publications page.

Currently, I’m on contract as an adjunct, I work at my local library and I tend to children at an elementary school.

I love to write poems that look like they sound, or sound like the look, or look like what they mean. Poems that live, breathe and act in the world. Lyrical and experimental manuscripts in the works.

I’m a music fan with a broad range of interests there. I love rock and hip hop and, lately, I’ve been looking for more and more modern composers (gotta love a good violin).

I like to get outside, but don’t as often as I should because I’ve been learning about blogs. When I do get out I like to go to a local spot that surrounds a Hopi burial mound or someplace with a clear night sky.

That’s me, in a nutshell. If you want to know more, leave a comment on a post, send a message through the contact form below or get to me @dormanpoet.

Thanks for visiting!

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